Next-Generation Sequencing Analysis

Data Acquisition and Basic Analyses: Illumina Illumina Miseq Reporter Software The MiSeq system is the first desktop sequencer to offer a fully integrated sequencing ecosystem and provides automated downstream secondary analysis following basecalling by the MiSeq system. After defining a workflow in Illumina’s Experiment Manager, the MiSeq Reporter software launches automatically post-sequencing to perform a variety of anlyses: library QC, demultiplexing, generation of FASTQ files, alignment, variant detection, and VCF generation.

Microarray Analysis

Data Acquisition and Basic Analyses GeneChip® Command Console® (AGCC) AGCC is the latest generation of instrument control software for GeneChip systems. The Command Console® software provides an intuitive set of tools for instrument control and data management used in the processing of GeneChip Arrays. Genome Explorations uses the AGCC suite for automated data collection and instrument control with the GeneChip® Fluidics Station 400 and the GeneChip® Scanner 3000.

Bioinformatics Overview

We have the SOLUTIONS to meet your BIOINFORMATICS needs Proper data analysis is paramount to the success of any given study. However, in the era of “big data”, providing adequate data storage, identifying the correct bioinformatic tools, and performing the ideal analyses can be a daunting task. Genome Explorations combines years of wet-lab experience with highly trained bioinformatics personnel to provide sophisticated storage, analysis, and reporting solutions for all collaborators.